On-Campus Itinerary

A few days before your visit, the search committee (usually through a wonderful administrative assistant) will email you a complete itinerary of your day(s)-long visit.  It will feel like too short notice, and sometimes you won’t get the itinerary until the day before or the day of your on-campus interview. Don’t panic. The admin assistant has likely done this dozens of times in hir life, and the committee will take you where you need to be.

(In rare cases — it’s true — the search committee and/or the admin assistant does not know how to host a candidate on campus, and the details and your trip will be a not-welcoming event. It happens. This speaks volumes of the department and, potentially, the university, so consider this as part of your interviewing the school, should you have the option of multiple offers.)

Here’s a generic itinerary for a one-day and two-day visit:

One-day sample itinerary

  • Fly in the night before
  • 8am Breakfast either on your own or with members of the search committee
  • 9am Meeting with search committee
  • 10am Meeting with graduate faculty/committee
  • 11am Meeting with all faculty
  • 12pm Lunch with search committee and/or faculty (or, sometimes, grad students, if this is the one opportunity to meet “privately” with grad students)
  • 1:30pm Prep for job talk
  • 2pm Job Talk
  • 3pm Meet with (grad) students
  • 4pm Meet with dean/provost (the smaller the school, the higher rank you’ll meet with)
  • 4:30pm Exit interview with dept chair
  • Fly out that night or:
  • Dinner with faculty/search committee
  • Fly out early in the morning

Two-day sample itinerary

The second day of an interview is almost always a half-day. So the main day is the same as one-day plus some of the following activities, for the half-day:

  • Meet with teaching and learning center folks
  • Meet with other campus units that relate to your research/teaching experience (e.g., at ISU, we might take candidates to the Special Collections, Publications Unit, etc.)
  • Tour of campus
  • Tour of town
  • Meet with program directors (e.g., undergraduate or graduate curriculum committee, branch campus directors, writing program director, etc.)
  • Tour of labs/centers related to your teaching/research