Understanding the Market

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting an academic job. You might be looking for any of the following after your PhD work:

  • tenure-track job at a research-intensive institution
  • tenure-track job at a teaching-intensive institution
  • non-tenure-track job at either of the above
  • alt-ac (alternative academic) job at either of the above or a non-academic institution
  • others we haven’t thought of!

Your PhD prepares you for certain kinds of these jobs (and not for others), and sometimes your advisor is the best person to ask if you are unsure what kinds of jobs you will be ready for. For the most part, the advise in this job blog is geared towards tenure-track job-seeking at either a research or teaching institution. Reviewing the posts in the “Timing Your Search” section of this blog will help you determine which kind of job might best suit you and your needs.

But, emotionally speaking, the job market is very much like a high-school prom: gut-wrenchingly waiting around for a date and hoping to all hopes that the right person asks you, and that that “right” person ends up actually being a good date. Good luck!