Using Interfolio

It used to be that dossiers (your letters of recommendation and sometimes teaching philosophies, writing samples, etc., but NEVER cover letters, which need to be tailored for every single ad you apply to) were hosted by an on-campus dossier service that would send those items out for you for free or a deep, deep discount compared to corporate services. Gone are those days. (At least at ISU.) However, corporate and online services have gotten much snazzier over the years and offer lots of good services for about the same price as those old-skool, on-campus services offered.

Generally speaking, we recommend Interfolio. It’s pricing structure is easy to understand and to choose which option you might want (one-year, multiple years, etc.) Which option you choose might depend on how good your chances are on the market given whatever your area of expertise is, but it’s always the case that the more years you choose to stay with Interfolio, the better the overall deal will be. None of this is to say that Interfolio is cheap, but all of it is relative to the number of applications you send out. Like the GREs and transcripts, there’s an initial fee and a per-dossier-sent fee. Check out their website for the most updated pricing structures. They even have document-scanning services for those of you who still prefer print (or can’t figure out how to use the e-letterhead. Oh wait, that’s your advisors 😉

Also, check out this Profhacker post, which outlines excellent recommendations for thinking about compiling your dossier. No need to repeat good advice when you can go to the source!