Making PDFs

Dear job seekers:

A fellow job seeker discovered a snafu when uploading the e-letterhead to schools’ online application systems. (This is NOT related to Interfolio use, but you might just SAVE AS PDF for all letterhead usage, to be safe.) See below.

Begin forwarded message:

While I am sure most of  us check the documents we upload for online applications, I have noticed that the 2-page digital department letterhead, if saved as a Word document will show up as letterhead only (without YOUR LETTER) when uploaded (even if it shows up with text on the computer you are using). It is necessary to save it as a pdf for your cut and paste text to show up.

On a Mac, saving to PDF is as easy as opening the doc in Word, then clicking File>Print. One of the “print” options is to “Save As PDF”. I don’t have a PC handy, but googling instructions seems like you have the same option on a Windows machine running Word. If not, you can always use the Macs in 408 to save things.

Also, an issue that was raised in the job-mentoring discussion this past Thursday: Sometimes jobs require you to save all your files into a SINGLE PDF, which is easiest to do with Adobe Acrobat Pro (not the free Reader), but that program is pricy. Instead of purchasing it, use the machines in 408 or 221a — they all have Adobe Pro installed and you can easily compile multiple files into a single PDF and rearrange pages, etc.

Other PDF compilation programs, for PCs:

  • To create a “PDF printer” – works like a “normal” printer on a Windows PC for any application:
  • To merge, split, etc. PDF files:
  • For minimal editing and annotation of PDFs:

for Macs:

  • Print to PDF in any version of Word
  • use Preview, which comes free with all Macs

for both platforms: