Registering for MLA

If you’re applying for academic jobs this year, you will need to register for the MLA conference. (If you’re not yet a member of MLA, which has discounted membership rates for graduate students), you can register for the convention AFTER October 1. Goto the MLA website to register.

Also, you can get a sense of the conference costs by checking out the website and previewing the conference hotel costs. The MLA also offers travel assistance to advanced grad students and non-tenure-track folks (basically, those looking for jobs). Unfortunately, it looks like you have to have already been an MLA member (by June 2008) to apply, but you should still apply in case not enough people fall into that category!!

Most of the English sessions will be held in the Hilton (in Union Square). You can reserve a room there (and consider sharing to save expenses!) However (!!!!) the Job Information Center, aka the Interview Barn, is located at the Fairmont Hotel in Nob Hill (which is up a VERY steep hill from the Hilton, so you may want to cab up it, or bring walking shoes). The Job Info Center is where you can

  • check on where your interview is located (in which hotel or in the interview barn),
  • attend your interview barn interview (they have rows of tables set up for these — they are more likely for small schools and also for languages and literature than for writing studies, but I could be proved wrong, again),
  • find last-minute interview possibilities, and
  • hang out with your friend.

The cool thing about the Fairmont (which is one of the cheaper MLA hotel options, at $109 a nite!) is that the Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar is in the basement. I’m telling you, check this place out!! 😉 It seriously rains in the restaurant every 45 minutes or so. lol!!! (That’s where you’ll find me during happy hour!)

Ok, a final little tidbit: If you’re like me and can’t go without internet access for more than 24 hours, you might be interested in this groovy little place I stayed at last time I was at a conference in San Fran — the King George Hotel. (They have free wireless, twin bed rooms for $129, and it’s literally right across the street from the Hilton.) It’s not an MLA-approved hotel, but trust me, this place is cute as a button.