With the current depressed economic situation (starting in late 2008), many schools are looking into their options for interviewing candidates prior to the Campus Visit. Generally speaking, there are two main options (covered in other posts):

  1. MLA Convention interviews
  2. Phone Interviews
  3. Skype interviews (to come)

More and more, due to the (sometimes unnecessary) expense of sending a search committee to MLA to interview candidates, we’re seeing more phone interviews, so we’ve added that as a new category with some discussion. (This is good because if grad students can schedule more phone interviews, then they may not have to pay to attend MLA! But that’s a hard decision to make, and usually one that has to be made early in the process.

Also, sometimes phone interviews are bumped up to video interviews, which are a little better in terms of reacting to people’s facial expressions and tones of voices. More information on each is covered in the context-specific posts about these kinds of interviews.